Sep 10, 2013

Smart Uses For Embedded Google+ Posts by Stephan Hovnanian

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I would like to give props to Stephan Hovnanian who has created a thought provoking Google Plus post on smart uses for embedded Google+ posts. I believe from a curator’s perspective that it has never been a better time to practice our craft. We have so many tools at our disposal. You can circle Stephan Hovnanian and follow all of his helpful posts. I have also embedded the post for you on Internet Billboards. One of the great things about an embedded post is that you can fully interact with it. Go ahead and give it a shot.

Smart uses for embedded Google+ posts by Stephan Hovnanian
So today, Google+ joins Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (any others?) in allowing people to embed posts onto a web page. Great news right? But what does this really mean? I’ve spent the requisite 15 minutes and 56 comments/notifications/pings looking at this feature from a very high level, and here’s what I think:

These features are available to us to expose social posts and social users to an audience that exists outside the network itself.

They also enable some interaction with the social post so people visiting the article from outside the network have a springboard from which to share the post on their own network. In other words, a Twitter user can Retweet an embedded tweet instead of navigating to the standalone tweet on twitter’s site.

Really, guys, that’s all there is to it.

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