Sep 5, 2013

Artists Turn to Kickstarter Instead of Galleries and Grants


The Art world has changed, gone are the days when you had to pound the pavement with your portfolio under your arm going from Gallery to Gallery hoping to get an Art show. Such was the case back in the 90’s. I remember finally getting a Gallery to give me a few shows and the feelings I had from actually seeing people view my work, it was amazing! I was living my dream. But like so many other Artists, it was short lived. It was expensive to get prints of my work made and it was really hard to get enough people to consistently see my work through small Art shows and venues.

Then I heard about some well-known Artists selling their original art and prints online. I never forgot how wonderful the possibilities seemed. I was excited then and I am excited now! I believe that never before in the history of Art has there ever been a more exciting time to be an Artist. One of the companies expanding the possibilities is called Kickstarter.

Since its founding in 2008, Kickstarter has given artists a new alternative to toiling over grant applications. In a world where art is increasingly being discovered online, the start-up’s easy-to-use crowdfunding scheme has provided a new way for artists to fund their projects. No longer are artists only able to survive by securing gallery representation and selling their work to collectors or patrons—Kickstarter represents a place where artists are being discovered by normal people like you and me. “It’s a really exciting time to be an artist,” says Stephanie Pereira, director of Kickstarter’s Art Program.

Most people know about Kickstarter’s pioneering M.O.: Visionaries build their project according Kickstarter guidelines, submit their idea to the site’s staff, and wait for the green light. With an eye for inspiring backstories and innovative rewards for supporters, Kickstarter OKs about 75% of proposals, which have a set amount of time to meet their fundraising objective. If the deadline hits and the goal isn’t met, no money changes hands.

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