What Negative Effects Does Facebook Have Psychologically on People?

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So what negative effects does Facebook have psychologically on people? This Facebook study casts a light on some of the more shadowy aspects of the giant social network.

From the article. This is a powerful statement Dr. Kross and Dr. Verduyn therefore conclude that, rather than enhancing well-being, Facebook undermines it.

THOSE who have resisted the urge to join Facebook will surely feel vindicated when they read the latest research. A study just published by the Public Library of Science, conducted by Ethan Kross of the University of Michigan and Philippe Verduyn of Leuven University in Belgium, has shown that the more someone uses Facebook, the less satisfied he is with life.

Curator Tom George: I often felt this to be the case in many instances. Although the test subjects were all very young, so I wonder if the test result’s might have been different with older test subjects.

In a world where we are constantly feeling less important, more isolated, and have a diminishing sense of equality with others, solely based on comparing what we have with others on Facebook.

Things like where we go for travel, to who our friends are constantly in comparison. So I believe in my heart of hearts that this study on Facebook has merit and is fundamentally true.

Facebook if used inappropriately, (which unfortunately is happening in many instances), is undermining the real valuable human qualities of our societies. Therefore one should proceed with Facebook usage with real caution. One day there might be a Facebook Anonymous.

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via Facebook Is Bad For You – Business Insider.

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