Jul 26, 2013

20 things 20-year olds don’t get–PR re-mix | A PR Guy’s Musings | Stuart Bruce

Here we have two professionals with many years of experience giving us the goods on PR, and 20 somethings.

Forbes has an interesting article by entrepreneur Jason Nazar on ‘20 things 20-year-olds don’t get’. I was going to comment on some of them, but then thought it might be more useful to share my thoughts on how they are relevant to young people who want to pursue a career in public relations.

The first two points are almost contradictory. ‘Time is Not a Limitless Commodity’ and ‘You’re talented, but talent is overrated’. I’m not too sure about the first one as if anything too many new recruits have too much of a sense of urgency. The main problem is because they are actually talented, they think they can do more than they really can and expect to be promoted and remunerated as if they’ve got years of experience.

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via 20 things 20-year olds don’t get–PR re-mix | A PR Guy’s Musings | Stuart Bruce.

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