Jun 14, 2013

7 Essential Tools for Publishers a Guest Post From Ian Cleary On the Zemanta Blog

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From the beginning of time almost, for man the creation of tools has had a life changing impact on our ability to not only survive as a race, but to thrive. Think about it, from the simple tools that were created to cut food, as in knives made of wood and sharpened stone, to weapons that were created to survive other hostile humans, or attacks, or to use for hunting and gathering, without tools we would certainly not be where we are today.

Fast forward several hundred thousand years and what do we have, the need to create more tools. New tools which need to be created and used, but this time for our digital space. Well in walks Ian Cleary, who some might say is the go to guy, when it comes to finding the best online tools to save you both time and money in the digital world. His company Razor Social, is the place to go to stay up to date on the latest and greatest.  So imagine I was stoked today when I found Ian’s guest post on the Zemanta blog, which might be one of my top 10 favorite tools for blogging. Zemanta can be used as a browser add on to find great related posts, add links, and add tags, basically it makes your blog posts, or in our case our curation posts give more value to our reader, just look below to see what I mean and I think you would agree.

Anyway without further ado here it is in Ian’s words.

Although you can be very successful with your blog without using a lot of tools, there are some tools that will make it a lot easier. I discuss 7 tools that will help you become more organized and efficient and grow your blog at a quicker pace.

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via 7 Essential Tools for Publishers.

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