Awesome content marketing lessons from Gary Vaynerchuck

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Gary Vaynerchuck is a a famous self-made marketing expert and entrepreneur., the go-to information source for the world’s best business leaders, broke news on the new social media strategy of Mr. Vaynerchuck. And, guess what: it’s a social content strategy. But there are more sources I gathered for you to learn some (really) awesome content marketing lessons from Mr. Vaynerchuck.

First of all, for all those readers having lived on another planet – but that’s OK – and my European colleagues, a little bit about Gary Vaynerchuck.

Gary Vaynerchuck has almost over 1.8 million fans on Google+ and nearly 1 million Twitter followers. He also has a biography on the encyclopedia of the digital era, Wikipedia. And he deserves all of them as he made his own success and built a thriving business (several, in fact). You can read all about his many business successes here and – as said – find a bio on Wikipedia. An overview of his books such as “The Thank You Economy” can be found on his Amazon author page (and there’s another one coming).

More important is the audience-centric content marketing strategy of Mr. Vaynerchuck and his content marketing lessons.

via Awesome content marketing lessons from Gary Vaynerchuck.

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