May 15, 2013

Boastful Self Promotion via Ridiculous Titles


Lions and tigers and ninjas … OH MY!

These social media “title” posts crop up every couple months and they’re equally hilarious/ridiculous each time they pop up. Every day I see another ridiculous “title” and wonder how much time was spent (wasted) on such inanity.

Titles like expert, superhero, rock star, etc. are not only silly, they’re boastful and self-promoting. While I cringe if a colleague or client calls me a guru or an expert, it’s a compliment – based on their perception of my skills and results.

Consider instead, putting that time, energy and creativity into your content, a memorable tagline, fantastic images. Here your creativity benefits and provides bounty. Those titles, well … they just make you look like a buffoon.

21 ridiculous social media job titles | memeburn.

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  • Hello Mallie,

    Thanks for making my day today. 😉

    The other day, I had to explain someone that I did not take the phrase “social media guru” for a compliment. I know they meant well and told them so, but when I explained what social media really is, they understood where I was coming from.

    I guess people need to label themselves to feel validated.

    • Mallie Hart

      You’re more than welcome, Cendrine. Sorry for the slow reply. I rarely get comments here and I’m slowly ramping up to curate more.

      Have a great day!

      • No worries!

        I have decided to call myself “Social Media Guru Slayer”. A killer job title, eh?

        • Mallie Hart

          I like it. But it’s not alliterative – and I’m all about alliteration! I’ve chosen Engagement Empress Extraordinaire! Catchy, huh?

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Mallie Hart

A social media and graphic design enthusiast, she refuses to call herself an expert, Mallie Hart has worked with companies large and small, helping them create social media campaigns from the ground up. Not much makes Mallie happier than sitting down at the computer, cup of coffee – light and sweet – in hand, with multiple windows displaying Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, WordPress dashboards, analytics and tracking pages and more.

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