Mar 4, 2013

16 Ways Businesses Are Using Twitter Vine to Enhance their Social Media Presence

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If you haven’t heard about the Vine app yet, it’s a simple video app (free) which lets users create not more than 6 seconds of video, Launched on 24th of January by Twitter.

It is kinda like Twitter where you have a restriction of 140 characters, same is the case here in the vine, the user is restricted up to 6 seconds of video recording only.

Now all you have is 6 seconds, Try and get as creative as you can in those 6 seconds.

Some business took the challenge of 6 seconds and are enhancing their social media presence by using this app for generating interactions with their followers, organizing contests, celebrating events in creative ways and what not?

Kristi Hines from SocialMedia Examiner has published a well detailed post about how businesses are using Vine app for social media promotion.

Here’s the post, do check it out, 16 Ways Businesses Are Using Twitter Vine.

If you are still not using this app, Go ahead, try it out vine.

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