Jan 20, 2013

Why building your social network community away from FB or Twitter may be key

Michael Todd has a strong influence in his social circles, he’s a social media strategist among other things and the founder of Michaelqtodd.com.

Michael is also the vice president of sales for SocialSteamr.com a new venture which offers a highly valuable service for content producers.

If you are looking to have a much greater impact with social media in the process of branding your business read on.

Let’s face it social media today offers a wide variety of opportunities and platforms to promote and brand your company. The service at Social Steamr is essentially a network of highly influential people including Mr. Todd that will get your content viewed with a guarantee. That’s right If you need 25 ReTweets, 25 +1′s or 25 Facebook Post Likes in the next 24 hours, you’re in the right place.

SocialSteamr™ is a sophisticated, worldwide network of established brand advocates who spread your marketing message, on-demand, across all major social media platforms — at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, with exponentially greater impact.

Would you like to become an influencer. Of course you would, this is perhaps the greatest asset of social media, to create brand advocates. So in this piece I curated here Michael discusses why building your social network away from Facebook and Twitter may be key. I tend to agree with him.

From the article.

There are now a lot of choices about where and how we direct our social networking energy. Up till recently I have taken a “balanced” approach and attempted to have a regular (preferably daily) presence in around 8 main places.

I have taken some time to ponder and examining who of my friends are succeeding the most and why. I am seeing a trend towards gaining greater influence and attraction by focusing on a special place and building a supportive and responsive community there.

The 8 main places I am talking about are You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Google Plus and “the bloggosphere”. Blogging and commenting on and sharing others blogs.

I know that there are others of you who are dominating such places as Tumblr, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Flickr and more.

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