How To Safely Prepare For Facebook’s Graph Search

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Keri Jaehnig is the brains behind Idea Girl Media, a successful entrepreneur and social media consultant. You can read 12.5 reasons to hire her, but I personally dig number eight.

8. Achieved the top rated Answer on Quora social network for a question on Social Media Strategy.

How Can You Tell A Good Social Media Strategist From A Bad One Before It’s Too Late?

As many of you may have heard by now Facebook is introducing the Graph Search. I am more then a little skeptical on how this is going to “Change” everything, but let’s continue to be optimistic and let’s be as prepared as possible.

In Keri’s words.

Your Friends – Are your lists as you want them? Would it be best to make a few lists (family, close friends, co-workers, etc.)? Clean it up and be comfortable. If you have Subscribers (Followers) turned on, check this list as well as those you subscribe to. Re-arrange if needed.

Your Photos – Take a tour through your albums. Add descriptions where you feel appropriate, check the tags in each photo to be accurate and kind, and un-tag yourself in any photos you do not wish to be found for.

Your Likes – Are there pages you do not visit anymore due to changed interest? Edit to fit your preference.

Your Facebook Timeline – Take a tour by year. Yes, go through each year and check details of important milestones and events, see that posts are listed as you wish, and that if someone were to find your profile, you would not be afraid of what they see.

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