3 Top Tools to Make People Addicted to Your Online Content

Web Content Strategy Drives Enterprise Content...

Web Content Strategy Drives Enterprise Content Strategy (Photo credit: Daniel Eizans)

Today e v e r y b o d y is talking about content: content strategy, liquid content, search engines’ love for quality content, 50 shades of content… Content is in, and everybody’s doing their best to create shareable, sticky and viral content for their sites in order to drive traffic and increase sales. In this article, I’ll tell you how to make people addicted to your online content by using three easy, as well as free, web-based tools.

To stand out, and to make people share your content as crazy, as well as coming back to your site, you must offer something more than just plain text, regardless of how useful, innovative, funny or clever your writing may be.

When your readers get pickier and your competitors stronger, you must keep up the pace to stay on top. When everybody focuses on creating amazing content, you must offer amazing content extra everything.

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