Jan 18, 2013

Startup Stories: Nearly broke but full of hope, The New Hive comes to San Francisco

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I had just requested an invite last night, and to my delight waking revealed an invite in my inbox. They are still in private beta.

What am I talking about you say, I am talking about newhive.com  as a matter of fact I was able to get newhive.com/tomgeorge kind of happy about that.

Anyway read on, because as you will still see the story did not always have a guaranteed happy ending, and there is no guarantee that it still will, although I think the chips are starting to fall on their side. I embedded a hive at the end of the post.

Zach Verdin and his co-founders have been living in a sublet apartment in San Francisco for ten weeks. They’ve paid their rent through the end of this month; there’s no guarantee they’ll be able to pay for another month.

At a spur-of-the-moment meeting with me, Verdin was speaking fast, talking with his hands, frantically pushing his fingers through his hair as he explained to me exactly what brought him to the city: why an entrepreneur, an artist, and a programmer needed to leave everything behind to be here.

Startup Stories

This is the first in a series of startup profiles by Jolie O’Dell, who is interviewing aspiring entrepreneurs in San Francisco coffee shops. Follow Jolie’s Twitter feed to find out when her next interview is happening.

He’d been living in Seattle, where he met his co-founders, for several years. He went there after he dropped out of college; he picked Seattle not just for the tech scene but for the actual, geographical scene

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