Jan 18, 2013

Graph Search’s Dirty Promise and the Con of the Facebook “Like” – steve’s blog

Facebook Graph Search

“In computer architecture they call an out of date piece of data “dirty”. Accessing dirty data is bad, wasting time and causing more harm than good. And in this context, much of the structured data that makes up Graph Search is just that: totally irrelevant and dirty.”

Strong words from Steve Cheney on Facebook’s new Graph Search function—do you agree?

Read the whole thing at Graph Search’s Dirty Promise and the Con of the Facebook “Like” – steve’s blog.

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  • The words may be strong, but the author is quite right. Facebook is trying to be too many things and cover too much ground. And there is not enough transparency.

    Graph Search will eventually become irrelevant. Too many ads in news streams, too much crap from a lot of users. Search the way FB envisions it cannot work.

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