Internet 2012 in numbers

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There is so much happening on the Internet during a year that it’s impossible to capture it all in a blog post, but we’re going to give it a shot anyway. How many emails were sent during 2012? How many domains are there? What’s the most popular web browser? How many Internet users are there? These are some of the questions we’ll answer for you.

To bring you these answers, we’ve gone to the ends of the web – wherever that is – and back again, and compiled a list of truly fascinating facts about the year that was. Some of the numbers are snapshots taken during the year, others cover the entire period. Either way, they all contribute to giving us a better understanding of Internet in 2012. Enjoy!


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Content Curator Tom George

Founder and CEO of Internet Billboards. A futurist and serial entrepreneur, as well as a professional fitness trainer, martial artist, and business strategist. Helped to develop inbound advertising. An avid content curator who enjoys finding those digital gems out there in cyberspace and sharing them with others.

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  • Cendrine Marrouat

    Awesome share, Tom! That’s just what I needed for my workshop.

    • Tom George

      Great! I think it’s fantastic that you are doing a workshop Cendrine. Who knows when you cover curation perhaps a few new great curator’s might emerge!

      • Cendrine Marrouat

        I hope so! I was thinking that curation could be what helps the company I will train to stand out. They are already doing a fantastic job with the clients they serve. The co-founder was in one of my workshops last year, and was looking for ways to reach out to more people. So this could be the perfect tool for them.

        • Tom George

          Absolutely! Curation can totally help them stand out in the crowd. I am looking forward to seeing how this workshop goes. Part of what we are building here is a refined curation process that companies can duplicate to achieve all kinds of amazing result’s.

          • Cendrine Marrouat

            Being part of IB has taught me a lot about content curation, actually. I really enjoy finding good content and curating it in my own voice. It’s an excellent complement to blogging actually, and helps me organize my thoughts in a very efficient way.

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