Jan 15, 2013

Google Plus is a Social Backplane Service

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Chris Brogan is the founder of Human Business Works and has just posted a very smart article on what Google + is. He calls it a backplane. He is very knowledgeable on the topic. Chris currently has over 107,500 people who have circled him on the social network and has created a great webinar you can listen too.

Quickly listening to the webinar, you will get some great insight and tips right away.

From Chris’s article…

Google+ is a Social Backplane Service

The real trick will come later. You can see Google+ at work on sites like YouTube right now. You can see it on Google the search engine. It’s just up there in the upper-right corner, telling you that someone is interacting with you in some way. And that’s fine, but remember what Google’s larger goal is: to know about all the world’s data, which now includes knowing about sharing and paths and the value of various “roads” and “hubs.”

Facebook Connect is an identity management tool that has done a lot of what all the 3rd party identity services in the early 2000s wanted to do, only they get to keep the data (smart, FB).

Google+ wants to be the sharing management equivalent of that.

The site isn’t the game. The sharing, the knowing about the pathways, the understanding of how you move information around, who cares about what you share, and what that nets them in understanding how to serve up relevant ads for revenue, that’s the secret game within the game.

via Google Plus is a Social Backplane Service.

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