Jan 14, 2013

Content Curation Sources for Online Marketers | B2B Inbound Online

Content and online marketing go hand-in-hand. Hundreds of bloggers are creating their own content, either for personal or business blogs. Some even have enough of their own posts to share without duplicating. The rest of us may wish we had that much output, but it’s not always feasible. Luckily, there is content curation – the activity of sorting, collecting, and condensing content from all over the internet so you can share it with your target audience. One primary goal of content curation is to provide value to your audience with additional, quality content. Dozens of tools and sources exist to help the online marketer with content curation. This is a list of my personal favorites:

via Content Curation Sources for Online Marketers | B2B Inbound Online.

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Jennifer G. Hanford

Jennifer G. Hanford is the owner and managing director of j+ Media Solutions, which offers social and content solutions for businesses of all sizes. She also contributes articles for SteamFeed and Social Media Club.

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