Jan 13, 2013

Interview with SKE Records Co-CEO Q The Question | The Hype Magazine 24/7 News

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Interview with SKE Records Co-CEO Q The Question | The Hype Magazine 24/7 News

Tell me about Q The Question?

Q The Question is the Co-Ceo of SKE Records with up and coming star from Philadelphia Trel Mack. I come from a strong background as a journalist writing for top notch publications in the past such as Hiphopdx.com, Yo Raps!, Ozone magazine and much more. But also as well, I have a background as a publicist. It feels great to see the brand of SKE coming to light, me and Trel Mack have been grinding for a minute.

Where are you from originally?

Philadelphia, Pa, the City of Brotherly Love and the most hard-core sports fans you can find. I grew up in the Germantown section of the city.

What part do you play in your record label?

As Co-CEO of SKE Records I handle the typical daily duties required from someone that runs a company. Since we are an indie label, there a times where I do a little of everything from handling the publicity to even co-managing at times for Trel Mack. Also, since we are on the rise as a brand, a lot of companies have been throwing some great opportunities our way and I handle a lot of the negotiating. It takes a leader to run a company and I feel I definitely have the capabilities for it.

Who are you currently working with on your projects?

Well, right now you know, SKE Records has the new project from Trel Mack “Inspired By Greatness” EP out right now and he is on fire. I’m so proud that finally his music is getting out to the world. He worked with some dope artists on it such as MarVo, Shaun Chrisjohn, and Kenji. But also I have my project coming with DJ YRS Jerzy called “Jerzy’s Evolution” and that will be released in January.  I had my producer daMFmastermind produce the intro and outro. The internet we are gonna smash with this one, we already have the footage of it online now.

What else do you do outside of music?

Well, everyone knows I’m a die-hard sports fan and do sports journalism once in a blue moon. I love my Philadelphia Eagles even though they made me angry this season haha, but it all good always next year right? When I’m not working on music I love to watch movies all day long especially classic horror movies, Freddy Krueger is the man, he was scary as hell though to me when I was a child.

Tell me something unique about yourself? 

Well, surprisingly many people are still becoming shocked more and more that I speak fluent Spanish. Shout out to all my Dominican friends in North Philadelphia especially them sexy Dominican hot tamales haha. Anything else unique, well I am left-handed, that’s unique, as it’s not too many of us haha.

Do you feel like your label is putting out music that is everlasting?

Oh yes, Trel Mack is going to be a star and you will see shortly. All the things I have been saying about him are now coming into existence. People are crazy about his hit single “Dreams of a Winner” Ft. Shaun Chrisjohn, go check out that “Inspired By Greatness” EP now. When you work with artists that are actually passionate about making music with substance, it will always last. When you make music for the people it can travel for years.

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