Jan 13, 2013

24 Easy Ways to Build a Targeted Twitter Following

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Hey curator Tom George here, I found this great post on building a targeted Twitter following and was missing 6 out of the 24 suggestions. How many are you missing, if any? This is a great resource, written by the founder of Blogging Wizard Adam Connell

In this post you’re going to learn 24 extremely easy to apply tips and tools that will not only allow you to build targeted Twitter followers but also allow you to draw more attention to your tweets and get noticed while increasing productivity.

If you’re not using Twitter or even if you’re not devoting much time to it then now is the time to start because everyone else is – you don’t want to be left in the dust do you?

Maybe you’ve tried Twitter and felt it’s just not working out for you and isn’t producing the results that you hoped for – I understand and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours.

If you need to, make it a new year’s resolution to devote a bit more time to Twitter and try and make it work for you.

Top Tips for Building Your Targeted Twitter Following

via 24 Easy Ways to Build a Targeted Twitter Following | Blogging Wizard.

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