Jan 9, 2013

Interview with Joep Drummen, co-founder of The Big Internet Museum


“Do you know that the Internet has its own museum? Aptly named “The Big Internet Museum”, the digital spot was founded by Netherlanders Dani Polak, Joep Drummen and Joeri Bakker, and launched in December 2012.

Today, Drummen, a copywriter at advertising agency TBWA\NEBOKO, is giving us a “guided tour” of the website in this exclusive interview.

Cendrine Marrouat: Hello Joep, thank you for answering my questions. What gave you the idea to create The Big Internet Museum?

Joep Drummen: The idea came up while we were stuck in traffic (that’s quite normal in the Netherlands). We had a philosophical conversation about the exponential growth of technology nowadays and how rapidly everything changes. Actually, we were having a discussion about a preloader. Will our children still have a clue what it is? Due to the increasing speed of the Internet, they probably don’t.

So, how can we preserve this and everything that made the Web what it is today? That’s when we came up with the idea of an Internet museum. And – luckily – no one ever had the idea before. This was in July 2012. Half a year later we opened the Big Internet Museum.”

Interview with Joep Drummen, co-founder of The Big Internet Museum – Canada Social Media | Examiner.com.

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