Jan 7, 2013

Inbound Lead Generation and Staying on Track | B2B Inbound Online

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Inbound marketing utilizes a variety of online techniques to attract buyers to your company’s website.  When properly executed, these techniques result in successful inbound lead generation, where prospects find and initiate a level of engagement with you online.  Perhaps potential buyers have read about your company and its offerings in a blog post.  Maybe they have seen one of your company’s tweets in their Twitter streams and it strikes a chord.  Either way, you now have captured their attention.  The inbound lead generation process has begun.

New Leads from SEO

New Leads from SEO (Photo credit: SiteFox)

The next step for potential buyers comes after they have made the decision to visit your website.  They have found enough information about your company online and are now interested in learning more.  The next stop for these  prospects is a critical place – your website’s landing page.  Your primary responsibility up to this point was keeping potential prospects on the right track to becoming leads.  Going around in circles is okay for model trains, but it’s not such a good option for inbound lead generation.  Now that the prospects are nearing the “end of the line,” staying on track when they arrive at your landing page is essential.  The easier it is to maneuver through your landing page, the less likely they are to depart from this “station.”

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