Jan 7, 2013

5 Great Social Media Networks You May Never Have Heard Of

5 Great Social Media Networks You May Never Have Heard Of

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. These are some of the names in social media networking that you will be familiar with due to their global popularity. These days, Facebook is pretty much ubiquitous with over 900 million users across the world actively using the site to keep up with friends and learn about their favourite celebrities.

Twitter, although relatively new to the social media scene, also has a massive following with approximately 500 million user accounts active on the site. A much more recent addition to the top social networks is Pinterest, which has seen an explosion in the number of users and activity in the past year.

But if you’re looking to branch out, there are a few other social media sites that you may want to explore. Take a look through our list of the top five social networks that you are as yet unlikely to have come across.

1) Tumblr

Tumblr is a blogging service that combines some of the most popular features of Twitter, Pinterest and other blogging sites such as LiveJournal. Easy to sign up for and simple to use, Tumblr offers users the ability to “follow” other Tumblr users in a manner not dissimilar to Twitter and to “reblog” posts by other users in a similar way to Twitter’s retweeting or Pinterest’s repinning.

The ability to search Tumblr tags is one of the things that make it very appealing.  Its simple search engine allows you to trawl through all posts made on the site on a particular topic and quickly find interesting posts or inspiration.  It’s especially good for ideas about food, craft and interiors.

2)      Goodreads

Goodreads as a social network is based around the enjoyment of literature.  The site allows you to build a virtual book shelf of books that you have read, are reading or wish to read in the future and see reviews of these books or contribute your own.  It’s a great way to keep track of the books you’ve enjoyed and share these with friends, as well as seeking recommendations for new books to read.

The site is very popular with up-and-coming authors, particularly those who are self publishing on sites such as Amazon or Smashwords, who use the site to contact potential readers and befriend them as well as market their publications.

3)      Last.fm

This social media network has been quietly going about its business in the background for a number of years.  Users of the site are able to download a small piece of software that enables them to “scrobble” every piece of digital music they have to one of a variety of media players.  These records are then used to match you with other users who have similar tastes to your own, and recommend bands that are similar to those that you listen to but whose music you may not yet have heard.

Last.fm is particularly good for friends as you can see what your mates have been listening to and share tracks with them using the site’s messaging service. 

4)      GetGlue

Another network based on entertainment preferences, GetGlue enables its users to check in when watching a movie, TV show or listening to music and lets you share this activity with your other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Similar to last.fm, GetGlue also makes recommendations for things you may like to watch or listen to based on your viewing or listening history.

5)      43 things

This network is simplicity itself.  43 things allows users to list their goals then share them with a community of over three million people who can cheer you on as you strive to accomplish them.

The site enables you to link with Facebook or sign up independently.  People who are working towards similar goals can encourage one another to hit their target.


There are lots of social networks outside of the big three that are just waiting to be discovered.  Whether you’re looking to find new material for enjoying your spare time or need that little bit of encouragement to finish your to-do list, take a look at some of these sites and get inspired!

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