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Are you planning to increase your spend on content marketing this year? If so, congratulations, you’re bang on trend with your budget allocation. In fact, more than half of B2B marketers are set to boost their spend on content for 2013, revealing a bright future for the sector.


Such optimistic figures continue the growth trend of the past year, with average content budgets swelling from 26% in 2011 to 33% by the end of 2012. And dedicating more spend to content marketing should pay dividends –a recent study found that the most effective B2B marketers are those who allocate the greatest percentage of their marketing budget to content marketing.


Assuming that you’ve already decided to, or are still considering doing more with content in the coming months, here are a few top trends within content over the past year as garnered from a recent study involving 1,416 B2B marketers from the US from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.

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