Jan 2, 2013

B Squared Media // B² Blog | Crooks Are Stealing Your Online Content!

You might be an online thief if you make it a habit of plagiarizing content that is not your own. And if you think plagiarism is something only high school and college kids do to get through that nasty term paper, think again. It can happen to YOU.

It seems only too easy to copy a webpage’s contents, to rip off a visual element or to “forget” to cite your sources when sharing OPC (other people’s content).

In fact, many members of the Social Solutions Collective

English: Mimi & Eunice, “Thief”. Categories at...

English: Mimi & Eunice, “Thief”. Categories at the source website: Anger, Delusions, IP. Transcript: Mimi: Copying without permission is stealing! Eunice: Copying without permission is stealing! Mimi: THIEF! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– a group of savvy social marketers I belong to — are victims of content thievery.

via B Squared Media // B² Blog | Crooks Are Stealing Your Online Content!.

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