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Dealing with business on the Internet and making money online means trying to stay on top of an ever changing landscape. There are trends and more traditional techniques you need to know about as well as innovations in social media and updates from Google that need to be taken into account. Whether you’re in the IT department of a bigger company or are a sole proprietor with a smaller home based concern, getting the info on the latest will give you the advantage you need and let you know where the most attractive opportunities lie.

Big Data? Big Time

Trends in the Blogging World For the coming year, all businesses both big and small will need to get a handle on Big Data and what the term-without-borders really means to them. It’s been called a lot of different things but a stockpile of information seems to be one of the best descriptions so far. Big Data is about all the information business can get its hands on—both ‘unstructured’ in the sense of blogs, tweets, Facebook posts and the like, and the more traditional methods business uses like spreadsheets and such. IBM reports that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created daily and managing and quantifying this data so it is of better use to business will be one of the offshoot industries for next year and beyond.

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