Google + Communities and Tools You Should Know About

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The launch of Google + communities several weeks ago gives us a tremendous opportunity to get laser focused in the coming 2013 new year. This was Google’s answer to Facebook groups, and a tremendous one at that. With Google + communities you can participate with other like minded individuals and businesses who share your same passion and expertise in a specific area.

Using Google + to it’s full potential takes a little work, but here are a couple fantastic Google plus communities you can join. Both of these communities have excellent moderators (person who oversees) the communities. And they are small enough to really make your presence felt. The first one is Social Media News and Tips, the second one is Content Curation, News Tips and Happenings. Join them today and say hello. Now using Google to it’s full potential also requires using some tools. So in addition to joining the communities we have mentioned. Here are also five tools to help you make the most out of using Google Plus.

Have you spent enough time building up your profile on Google plus?

It may not have been high on your agenda in 2012 but what about 2013?

Over time everyone using Google search or any of it’s services will need to have a Google + account.

As a result of your Google plus account and your interaction through it, Google will build up more knowledge about you and your network and will increasingly individualize search results.   This means that the results of a search displayed will be unique to you based on your interests, interaction and network.


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