Dec 15, 2012

How the Press Got It Wrong on Newtown | Mother Jones

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What a sad day yesterday was. I will not forget that day. December 14, 2012. Such a tragic day. To have so many young lives torn from us, in such a horrific way.

I believe we have a serious problem, when our children are so vulnerable and they are not safe. I believe we have a serious problem when we face so much violence. Not only violence, but random, senseless violence.

And I believe we have a serious problem when the agencies we count on to report the facts, get information wrong that further has a negative impact on our communities and as you will soon read on people.

In the aftermath of the horrific mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut the immediate question was who had gunned down nearly thirty people, most of them children, before taking his own life.

Early reports, citing Connecticut law enforcement sources, identified the shooter as a twentysomething from Newtown named Ryan Lanza. A Facebook profile fitting that description was easily accessible, and social media users—from professional reporters to online onlookers—immediately assumed they had discovered the Facebook profile of the gunman who had perpetrated the mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. News outlets including BuzzFeed, Mediaite, Gawker, and Fox News speculated that the account belonged to the shooter. Journalists from Slate, Huffington Post, CNN, and other news organizations tweeted links to the Facebook profile.

via “Fuck You CNN”: How the Press Got It Wrong on Newtown | Mother Jones.



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