Dec 14, 2012

12 Effective Online Marketing Moves from 2012 | Social Media Today

Last year I wrote an article called “11 Lessons in Productivity from a Very Productive 2011,” which you seemed to like. Put your lighter away. Here’s your encore.

It works like this… I fumble my way through the year trying this and that and report back to you which efforts proved to be effective online marketing moves and then share them with you. I’m the lamb striving to help you become a lion in this digital jungle. Let’s do it.

I started with an eBook.

Studly move. (More on that in a minute.) My concept was simple. This time last year it became painfully obvious to me the number one call for my talent and time was to help clients improve their websites. So I hit the books, er, blogs, collected and then created what I feel is a very helpful series of vital ideas and named it “21 Pointers to Sharpen Your Website.”

The ebook has been downloaded several thousand times since January. It helped demonstrate my command of online marketing strategy, and earned me new clients partners and opportunities.

I haven’t got to the best part yet.

via 12 Effective Online Marketing Moves from 2012 | Social Media Today.

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