How one Lady has made a name For Herself calling herself a Marketing Nut

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She calls herself the marketing nut. I’m serious you can visit her site and it even says “Hire the Nut”, but truth be told she has her wits about her. It is simply a nice play on words, as a matter of fact she has made a nice name for herself as a go to person for social media marketing. I am talking about none other than Pam Moore.

In life there are three kinds of people, you know. There are people who make things happen, there are people that watch things happen, and there are people that go “what just happened” I view Pam as someone who makes things happen. I believe this is an important distinction to make.

What is impressive to me as you will soon find out is that she not only talks the talk, but she actually walks the walk.
I think this is important. If you are going to guarantee result’s for clients, shouldn’t you first be able to get those result’s for yourself.

She just recently hit a milestone of surpassing 100,000 Twitter followers. I believe it is around 108,000 now and counting. If you read nothing else today, you need to read this post. It really contains some special things, and 75 great tips and pieces of advice.

So in her words.


It was early 2009, and I was still working in the walls of corporate America. I setup an account with the friendly little blue bird, named Twitter. It was from that moment I saw the power of the tweet and what it had in store for my life.

I didn’t think twice about the Twitter handle when I set it up. I knew I loved marketing, I am a nut and my name is Pam. Without much thought the Twitter handle “@PamMktgNut” was born!

15 Years In Corporate and the Journey to Entrepreneurship

via 75 Things I Learned on My Journey to 100,000 Twitter Followers | Marketing Nutz.

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