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English: Graph showing Mexican peso and U.S. d...

English: Graph showing Mexican peso and U.S. dollar exchange rate from January, 1990. 日本語: 1990年1月からのメキシコペソとアメリカドルの為替レートのグラフ。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Come visit Mexico — now!  It may never be a greater bargain. The peso has fallen 9.5 percent since May 3, and with potential turmoil in Europe and elections at home it could fall further. The rate today is about 14.2 pesos to the U.S. dollar, although my bank only gives 13.8 pesos.Mexico has never been an expensive country. But with this exchange rate, tourists who stay away from package trips get a notable premium. Backpackers and budget travelers will definitely notice the difference.

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