Founders’ Next Track: Lumi, A Site That Uses Your Browsing History To Help You Discover Things On The Web



From the gentleman who helped found
Felix Miller and Martin Stiksel comes a brand new
venture that sounds innovative, it’s called Lumi.

Another way to discover content but this time based on your browsers history. It sounds like a winner, and I have joined the list for the beta invite. Here is a bit from the founders mouths.

For some time we’ve been asking ourselves why do we always have to start from scratch when we fire up our browser? We put a lot of time and effort into searching for things, following links and surfing, yet all of this effort is forgotten and counts for nothing. Instead, wouldn’t it make sense to use this data to help us find better stuff?

With Lumi we’re trying to create a new way for you to discover things online. We think of it as a personal Web experience.

Lumi is a website that allows you to anonymously and securely record the web pages you visit to let Lumi know what you are interested in. It finds popular webpages among all users and makes suggestions of pages that will interest you.

Think of Lumi as 2.0. Just as used your own music listening history as a way of building and recommending music to you — and boy was I surprised at how well it did that when I first used it years ago — Lumi does the same, but for a much bigger range of content.

via Founders’ Next Track: Lumi, A Site That Uses Your Browsing History To Help You Discover Things On The Web | TechCrunch.

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