How a 25 Year Old Londoner Became A Millionaire Wiping Out The Globe

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James Vaughan was an ordinary young man, with a diabolic idea. To develop
a worldwide pandemic that would eliminate everyone. He has succeeded in his quest,
but do not be alarmed, it was only a video game.

It’s called Plague Inc, and as you will see is a game for IOS. Right now a very popular one. He was hoping to recoup his
modest investement into his diabolical project. Little did he know that the floodgates would open
and in would poor hard cold cash.

The game allows players to name their disease whatever they like, so if you want to call a disease that kills 6.2 billion people “Itchyhead,” as I did, you can.

A small-time doctor in a Central American village notices a strange new disease. Symptoms range from vomiting and fever to a full coma. The locals take to calling the virus “Itchyhead,” since it sometimes causes insanity in its hosts.

Ten minutes later, the disease has mutated and gotten stronger, and 6.2 billion people have died. I pinch inward on my iPad screen and observe the devastation from a closer view. All of Europe is toast. Asia too. Canada and the U.S. fall to the rampant pestilence flowing out of Mexico.

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