Dec 2, 2012

SEO for Curators & Aggregators: 5 Steps to Great Curation SEO | WP-Drudge


When done right, content curation can bring a lot of benefits to a brand. However, most of the time, there is a confusion between aggregation and curation.

WP-Drudge tells you exactly what to do to avoid being slammed by Google for duplicate content.

Article originally recommended by Robin Good, one of the best content curators in the world!

“First, the bad news

Put simply, search engines don’t like 2 copies of the same thing in different places. From their perspective, an extra copy does not add any value, it’s just another blob of text to index and store (or, in many cases, to ignore). Duplicate copy on the web is, and always will be, something to overcome.

The take-away? The less duplication you’re doing, the better.
In addition, search engines love original content. We’re talking actually original, written from scratch, not duplicated. Copied content, even if it’s rearranged, is surprisingly easy to discover. Original, from-the-horse’s-mouth blog posts, content pages, and descriptions are the bread-and-butter of good SEO.

The take-away? The more that you’re actually writing, the better. We’ll talk about how to do that below.”

SEO for Curators & Aggregators: 5 Steps to Great Curation SEO | WP-Drudge.

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