50 Cent and Eminem talk “My Life” single with MTV News [VIDEO]


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Rapidly, 50 Cent and Eminem are approaching their ten year anniversary and there are countless hits as a result of this union. The latest in a long line of classic songs from this duo is “My Life,” which also includes Adam Levine. Despite 50 Cent’s fifth studio album facing several delays from Interscope Records, he keeps the singles coming.

Earlier today, 50 Cent released the official trailer of the “My Life” music video. The trailer came right before the single was officially released. Wasting no time, 50 Cent and Adam Levine performed the song on “The Voice.” During the taping of “My Life,” 50 Cent invited the cameras of MTV behind the scenes.

via 50 Cent and Eminem talk “My Life” single with MTV News [VIDEO].

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