Nov 18, 2012

Iratefilms sits down with some Volturi

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Limacher Low Down: I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Charlie Bewley who plays Demetri, and Daniel Cudmore who plays Felix in the new release Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2. The two are best known for being the Volturi’s bodyguards in the Twilight Saga. We discussed their characters, how the movies have changed their lives, and a few other topics as well.

David Limacher: I wanted to thank you both for taking the time to sit down and talk with me today.

Charlie Bewley: You’re Welcome.

Daniel Cudmore: You’re very welcome.

DL: I wanted to start off by asking how has being a part of one of the most SUCCESSFUL movie franchises of recent changed your career.

CB: That’s a good question. After I was in New Moon, I signed on with one of the biggest talent agencies in Hollywood, and I thought my career was going to take off. That wasn’t exactly the case. I admit that because of playing Demetri it helped get my foot in the door of more auditions and such, but as for my career skyrocketing, that hasn’t exactly happened the way I originally thought.

DC: It’s hard to say for me. Playing Felix has definitely opened a few more doors than it would have in the past, but I don’t think much has changed for me as far as my career.

DL: Has it helped you get more of a fan base in any way?

CB: Of course it has, but probably not in the way you’re thinking.

DC: (laughing) Yeah, I’m married; so nothing happening on that front.

CB: (laughing) I’m engaged myself, and nothing going on there for me either.

DL: What was it like being the “Bad Guys” in a movie franchise?

CB: That’s an interesting question. The way we looked at it, we took it from the perspective of we are the good guys, and we’re doing things in the nature of a Vampire. The Cullen’s are the bad guys for wanting to change the way people look at them and be accepted by society.

DC: It definitely is a different take on things. We get to do stuff that most people don’t really get the opportunity to do in movies. We are looked at by people as the bad guys, but like Charlie said, the Volturi don’t see it that way. We really wanted to get that across to the viewers as well.

DL: What was it like portraying such well known characters?

CB: I wouldn’t say that they were well known.

DL: Trust me, I asked about your characters to friends and family who read the books, you’re well known characters!

CB: Wow, (laughing) thank you for the compliment. I feel as if I tried to portray Demetri the way it was written. I really looked at this and tried to find myself in the character.

DC: I agree, it wasn’t difficult to look at Felix and wonder how do I get into the mindset, I felt after reading the script I had a god idea of what he was all about, and it was easy to portray that character.

DL: So, I’m sure many people are wondering what was it like working on set with people who have become such well known figures in the public eye.

CB: It was very easy, actually. Rob is a great guy and very down to earth. Kristen is very friendly as well. We didn’t really work much with Taylor, but our brief encounters went very well.

DC: Yeah, you would think that these people might have inflated egos or something, but they were easy to talk to and just a lot of fun to work with. We had fun on the set, and I hope that comes across on the screen as well.

DL: Excellent! So, how do you feel about this being the last movie, right now?

CB: I believe it is a great cap to the books. I think that those people who love the books will really enjoy the vision that is brought to the screen.

DC: He’s right, it’s a great way to end the franchise, and I like how you put in that it might not be the last movie made.

CB: I would honestly hope that they would make a movie just about the Volturi, actually. Give the fans a little insight to who they are, and why they act the way they do. I would sign up in a heartbeat if they ever decided to do that.

DC: I’m totally on board if they ever decided to make a movie about the back-story of the Volturi. I think that would be fun, and give a greater understanding, as Charlie alluded to earlier, about why they feel they are actually the good guys.

DL: I like that idea, and would offer a different perspective on the whole Twilight “Universe.”

CB: Exactly, that would be fun.

DL: Now there is a big battle scene in the movie, as evidenced by the previews. Did you guys do your own stunts for those scenes?

CB: Yeah! Daniel and I both play rugby, and it just came across as very easy and natural for us to do our own “action scenes.”

DC: The battle scenes were fun to shoot. I think of it as our “Shining Light” when it comes to the movies.

CB: The thing I enjoyed the most was the introduction of some new characters as well.

DL: Such as?

CB: I will tell you my favorites are the Romanians! Those guys are total badasses! It was so much fun to see those characters come to life from the script. Keep an eye for those guys!

DC: That was the most interesting thing for me as well. We’ve worked, in part, in several of the movies; so, the introduction of new characters adds more depth to part 2 as well.

DL: Do you mind if we go off topic here?

CB: Not at all!

DC: Sure.

DL: Charlie, I wanted to thank you for doing your run for Cancer research.

CB: Ah, you read about that! Yeah, I was able to raise over $20,000 single handedly for cancer research. I know it isn’t much, but every little bit helps. I honestly believe because people know me from the movies, it helped gain more monetary support as well. That was a great thing, and I only hope to raise more.

DL: It’s amazing that you did that, and I’m sure many people thank you as well.

CB: The least I can do!

DL: Daniel, my question to you is about playing another iconic character. You are Colossus in X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand. What are your feelings if you got the call to be in Days of Future Past? Especially with who signed on to Direct?

CB: Who signed on to Direct?

DC: YEAH! Bryan Singer is now going to be the Director, and he was instrumental in me being cast. I just love that character so much, and I hope that they can incorporate him more into the movies moving forward. He was such a small part, but if they go in the direction the comics have gone, then he has a story that shows his character and depth. I would be up and ready to go if I got that call. That would be awesome to do, and something I cherish to this day!

DL: I was hoping to hear that!

DC: Yeah, my first ever major movie experience. It was so much fun, and would embrace anything they would have me do!

DL: Charlie, would you like to talk about your production company?

CB: Yeah, that’s something I love as well. I believe starting as an actor; it has helped to give me a greater understanding as a producer. I love to give back to others as was given unto me. It’s my chance to give back to the film world as well. I look at acting and producing as two different worlds, and if I can use my experience to help others, I’m more than happy to jump at that chance!

DL: Well, we’re almost out of time, and I thank you for this opportunity. I wanted to ask you one last question that’s back on topic.

CB: Please do.

DC: Go for it.

DL: What should fans expect from Breaking Dawn pt. 2?

CB: That’s an excellent question! I would have to say, for most, closure. These movies have become a part of people’s lives, and this may be the end of that. We just hope they leave feeling as if the roller coaster they have been on for several years gave them that final jolt of excitement and they will leave happy.

DC: I think Charlie said it best. I hope the fans are satisfied with the way the story has gone from page to screen. I hope this delivers what they hoped for, and I really want the fans to be happy with the way everything came together in the end. It was an experience that I will never forget, and friendships that I hope will last my lifetime as well.

CB: That’s a great point. People have really watched everyone associated grow up in a way. We had firsthand experience in growing as actors and friends with everyone as well. It is sad that the ride is over, but I hope everyone has something they can take away and be happy with the final product.

DL: Thank You both for your time today. This was a lot of fun for me, and thanks for allowing me to go off topic as well.

CB: My pleasure and this was fun.

DC: You’re very welcome, and this felt more like a conversation with questions than an interview. That’s always fun too.

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I Rate Films is the people’s source for film reviews, combining the pompous phrasings of elitist film buffs with a humbled everyman objectivity to bring the usually gray verdict to ya. We are constantly trying to bring the latest reviews for the newest films always one week ahead of the curb for your time-saving, movie-gazing pleasure. Please e-mail us at for more information, and enjoy!

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