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What’s the wackiest thing you can imagine Google launching? How about a game to fight for control of the minds of everyone on earth?

Or maybe that’s not so wacky.

Meet Ingress, a new free mobile app and alternate reality game made by Google launching today (on Android first, available as soon as it makes it through the Google Play release process).

Ingress is a project of former Google director of geo John Hanke and his Niantic Labs, a start-up team wholly inside of Google.

“This grew out of us thinking about notions of ubiquitous computing,” Hanke told AllThingsD this week. “The device melts away.”

Ingress also aims to get people out in the physical world, both for physical activity and to see their surroundings in a new way.

via Google Launches Ingress, a Worldwide Mobile Alternate Reality Game – Liz Gannes – Mobile – AllThingsD.

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