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New York City native Adam Blandino aka “ItsNotAdam,” is an electronic dance music (edm) producer and remixer with an ever-growing portfolio of huge releases on iTunes and Beatport via the WeMakeNoise/Universal Asia label. His recent EP, “Stages” has also rapidly recorded more than 25,000 plays, according to his SoundCloud numbers.

One of my favorites from the “Stages” EP is entitled “Angry,” which features some amazing tribal undertones with a massive bass buildup that kept me anxious for the next riff. ItsNotAdam is one of those perfectionists that “can take up to three months to complete one track” he says. It certainly shows in the finished product.

ItsNotAdam’s new single “Nocturnal” (original mix), is a collaborative effort with celebrity model/DJ Nicole Chen; distributed by WeMakeNoise/Universal and released on iTunes and Beatport. The partnership between ItsNotAdam and Chen spawned a living breathing musical being that simply won’t let you be still!

Like a genius child, “Nocturnal’s” beat teases you and coaxes you to do your best to keep up. I am sure I put it on repeat for at least an hour before it let me rest.

via EDM Producer ItsNotAdam Releases ‘Stages’ on ITunes and Beatport – Yahoo! Voices – voices.yahoo.com.

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