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INXS formed in 1977 origianlly as The Farriss Brothers, which included, brothers Jon, Tim and Andrew Farriss, friend Garry Gary Beers on bass and Kirk Penguilly on sax. The late Michael Hutchence was their original lead singer. Hutchence died in 1997.

The news has come no that long after Tim Farriss said that Ciaran and Andrew Farriss had been writing new material. “Ciaran Gribbin is our singer and has been for a year now,” Tim says. “He and Andrew have been writing together and have written some really great stuff. They started writing together anyway because they were mates and had great respect for each other’s songwriting. He became singer-by-default which is an incredibly organic way to find a singer”.

INXS were one of Australia’s most successful bands internationally. Their first US album to crack America was ‘Listen Like Thieves’ (no 11, 1985), then ‘Kick’ (no. 3, 1987) and ‘X’ (no. 5, 1990).

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