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'The Voice' finalist Frenchie Davis

Frenchie Davis‘ name may ring a bell to those of you who are staunch supporters of American Idol, The Voice, or hit the Broadway shows from time to time. Frenchie was a season 2 Idol participant, which lead to a 5-plus year stint on Broadway and receiving a Grammy Award nomination for Ain’t Misbehavin (Best Musical Show Album) and graduating to a top 4 finalist slot on The Voice with Team Aguilera.

Frenchie released her new single “Love’s Got a Hold On Me” produced by rising star Marco Borrero in September of this year. “Love’s Got a Hold On Me” is the lead single from her debut album titled “Just Frenchie.”

According to her, “It’s all my own work, my style, my message with no outside influences, unlike my time on The Voice.” Frenchie continues saying that “On The Voice, every song we sang, was chosen for us, we had minimal say.” “The producers of the show chose our audition song and throughout the competition, our songs were selected for us by our team leaders.” she continued

How she got her start

According to Frenchie, she gained her college degree in music from Howard University and began touring Europe almost as soon as she graduated. She said she was excited to put her music degree to use but quickly found out that she wasn’t done learning.

During her time on tour in Europe as a cast member for “Jesus Christ Superstar,” she had to learn the entire production…completely in GERMAN! She laughed as she described to me how difficult that particular play was to do in English, but to add the challenge of learning the German language version was “nuts.”

Shortly after returning to the United States from her European tour, Frenchie learned about auditions for season 2 of American Idol. According to Frenchie, she was saving her money earned in Europe to continue her education and so traveling from her hometown of Washington, D.C. to New York was not a part of her budget. This is where the story of Frenchie Davis begins to get very interesting, highlighting the element of rock solid solid support from a college friend who helped her get to the auditions.

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