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So often, my client’s are initially concerned about the number of Facebook “Likes” on their brand page. What is more important is developing a facebook strategy that is valuable to the fans. Producing great content for sharing on Facebook is more critical to the success of a Facebook page than focusing on the number of likes. Engaging posts draw the most comments and admirers and increase the “Edge rank” of the page.

Today, Fast Company published a post that shows why “Your Facebook Fans are Hiding Your Posts at an Alarming Rate“.

We are all counting numbers around our communities. After all, a thousand fans looks better than a hundred. But have you personally ever hid a post from a brand you’re a fan of? And have you, as a marketer, ever wondered how many of your fans do the same thing?

This is an insightful article on why having an effective and thoughtful Facebook content strategy is more important than building up a false “following”.

via Your Facebook Fans Are Hiding Your Posts At An Alarming Rate | Fast Company.

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