LinkedIn Rolls Out Endorsements

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LinkedIn EndorsementsYou can tell a lot about a social network by looking at its updates.

  • When Facebook announces an update, it means “We need to keep innovating ’cause … well, just ’cause. Here is a new thing that may or may not make sense.” Result: Faces are palmed around the globe.
  • When Twitter announces an update (at least lately), it means “We’re severing any ties that prevent people from seeing our ads.” Result: Eyes roll around the globe … and Twitter is faced with a slew of unforeseen repercussions.
  • When LinkedIn announces an update, it means “We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’re rolling out an enhancement designed to improve your user experience.” Result: People around the globe want to treat the entire LinkedIn staff to a Starbucks run.

Maybe it has someting to do with being all business, all the time, but LinkedIn just seems to get something that the others don’t. Everything it does just plain makes sense.

Case in point: Just yesterday, LinkedIn announced a serious improvement to—or, more accurately, replacement for—its Recommendation function. (Hat tip to our friends at Springboard Works for giving us the heads-up.)

Previously, when asked to recommend one of your LinkedIn Contacts, you were presented with a big, bare text window … and the task of filling it with your own words of praise and commendation.

To many people, that big, blank window was so intimidating that requests for their recommendations went unanswered. They never could figure out exactly what to write … so they wrote nothing.

But as of yesterday, all that has changed.

With LinkedIn’s new Endorsement feature, you can not only recommend a Contact—you can recommend that contact for specific skills.

But here’s the best part: All it takes is a single click of your mouse. No writing required.

To learn how it works, check out Springboard Works’ helpful video.

Not only does this update revolutionize how we endorse our contacts, but it’s also very much in line with today’s business environment.

In 2012, a person is as likely to have three job titles as to have one: perhaps a 9-to5 corporate gig, a home-based business, and a formal strategic partnership with yet another company. Three different organizations, three different job titles … but chances are pretty good that they all involve many of the same skills. So rather than recommending the person based on a specific role, we can now recommend based on the abilities that carry over from one to the next.

Very smart of you, LinkedIn. As if we’d expect anything less.

That said, dear reader, if you like what you see on this blog, I’d greatly appreciate your endorsement on my LinkedIn Profile. (And if we’re not yet connected, shoot me an invite and I’ll be happy to fix that!)

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  • Tom George

    Hey Rachel,

    I just noticed this post was shared 91 times on LinkedIn, which is amazing. Kudos to you for being so tuned in to current events.

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