Australian Wine Adventures in Le Marche > Day Two

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Umani Ronchi is one of the largest wineries in Marche, producing about six million bottles from fruit in Marche and Abruzzo to the south. It is always important to remember that big does not mean bad (thanks Mr. Wolf) as a winery like Umani Ronchi introduces consumers all over the world to the wines of the region, effectively creating markets for them. Umani Ronchi has been doing this with aplomb for many years, focusing on indigenous varieties in a clean and precise style that is easier for people to appreciate and discover. A wide range is produced by the winery, made predominantly from verdicchio in the whites, and montepulciano in the reds. The range requires a lot of flexibility in capacity and techniques, with stainless steel, oak, cement and fibreglass used for a combination of fermentation, maturation, settling and blending. The reds are handled according to the variety, site and destination, with pump-overs favoured over plunging or rotary fermenters. Only the top red wines see new oak, with the entry and mid-range wines using at least second passage oak. As you would expect from an Italian winery of this size there are a number of different French varieties planted, most of them red, and mostly used for the icon wines. As an ambassoador for these regions, Umani Ronchi has brought very positive attention to the are and varieties, winning the International Wine Challenge with their first vintage of the Pelago IGT. Despite the size the winery has a very simple philosophy to make the best wines possible and bring them to the world, and subsequently keep a very modest team of dedicated employees, such as Francesca from the Export Department, who …

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