Apr 22, 2012

Featured Seller: Ecologica Malibu

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My name is Mariana Schechter. I am 30 years old, and it has always been my dream to do meaningful work. I’m from Brazil, and it’s impossible to separate my identity from the abundance of nature that surrounded me as I grew up. As a child, I always felt that there was magic in the trees and a mysterious energy in the ocean. As I grew older, I began to notice how easy it was for people to take advantage of their natural resources, and it really bothered me. Trees are alive, and forests breathe, supporting life and giving off the oxygen that we need to survive. I believe that everything in life has a purpose and that every living thing plays an important role in the ecosystem, far beyond what we can observe.
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  • EarthLover

    Q: What I’d like to know is how in the world is it ECOLOGICAL (the business name)to have furniture shipped from Indonesia to Los Angeles?

    Answer: It is NOT.

    I’m all for using old boat wood to create new functional pieces, but in fact, the shipping of this IMPORTED FURNITURE is directly contributing to the destruction of the ecology thereby negating any positive benefits.

    She had help writing her pretty fiction and it makes good marketing if you’re into bullshit, but on so many levels, no integrity seems to be involved in her business, either. Integrity as claimed by her.

  • Credit_Where_Credit_is_Due

    Not only is this person a reseller, thus violating the terms of use on Etsy -who then, in their own failure of integrity, appear to have stretched those terms to include mass produced items – she is also a flat out bully, unable to respond to requests about the use of biocides (which are very common on the boats her supplier repurposes into furniture the imports) in a civilized fashion without result to personal attacks.
    The credit for exposing this fraud goes to April at Regretsy.com. Here is the link to the whole debacle: http://www.regretsy.com/2012/04/24/update-ecologica-malibu/#comment-390848.
    Naturally, Etsy has closed off all of the comments and threads, as has ‘Ecologica Malibu’. In fact, the story has become an excellent demonstration of how not to do something, with the noteable exception of the fine work of Kenneth White (who wrote the rebuttal to the ludicrous C&D Mariana sent a whack of people, which has now gone viral due to its sheer awesomeness). Not only is the fact that she was a “Featured Seller” a slap in the face to genuine artisans, but the fact that she bold faced lied about her business was even more egregious.
    Don’t promote this woman…but feel free to leave up any of the comments and links we have provided so that no one else supports her company (or companies).
    The real credit should go to the actual workers in Bali, who are working with potentially toxic materials , unlike the assertion that it’s all safe due to the “garnishing the wear of weathers natural sanding ability, ensuring a lack of toxins”. I’ll leave you to decide on your own about the level of veracity in that statement.

  • This person is a distributor (dba Bali Ha’i Imports
    P.O. Box 1121, 22491 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, California) for a company called All From Boats and owned by Kurt Eichorn. She sells on Etsy.com, and claims to handmake the furniture. His furniture can be found @ http://allfromboats.com/ – I think he deserves the true credit.

    • This sounds quite controversial what you have stated. I myself am a curator and not an investigative reporter of any kind, but I felt it was important to give true credit where in fact true credit is due.

      • No, it’s true. This story is blowing up all over the place–Mariana Schechter is a distributor who imports her furniture from Indonesia. You can see the same furniture at allfromboats.com. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having an import business, but this furniture is not handmade by her, and not appropriate for Etsy. More info (and copies of shipping records) at http://www.regretsy.com/2012/04/21/the-etsy-featured-reseller-ecologica-malibu/

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