Apr 14, 2012

Small Business Pinterest Marketing: 4 Secrets You Need to Know NOW

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If you’re an inbound or online marketer, you undoubtedly know by now that over the last six months, Pinterest has established itself as the latest and greatest of the countless social media networking platforms.

However, Pinterest’s unique set-up and specifically targeted user market (read: young women) have stumped some small businesses as to how to best use Pinterest to market their products and services.

Thankfully for small businesses, Hubspot recently added a new eBook titled How to Use Pinterest for Business that teaches marketers how to drive traffic and leads using Pinterest. To make sure you’re not missing out on the most important parts of using Pinterest for business, I’ve summarized 4 things you need to know about Pinterest NOW if you’re a small business. Read on.
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  • Pinterest seems to work best for my fitness, food and DIY sites. It has greatly increased my traffic for those sites and I know it could do great things from my other sites once I get the right images. It seems to be all about finding something that just goes viral.

  • Carol

    Pinterest is the fastest growing social networking site. Launched in March 2010, it’s a photo sharing site that now boasts 11.7 million unique users. It is a fun site for personal use; creating boards and pinning images is both useful and entertaining.

    Pinterest can also be a useful tool to build your business. Before you sign onto the site and start pinning, take a look at your existing marketing strategy and plan your actions strategically. Here are a few tips and steps to take to integrate Pinterest into your small business marketing strategy.

    • Hi Carol,

      Yes indeed Pinterest is a force to be reckoned with. I just curated another interesting post about which brand is getting the most traffic from the site, it’s Etsy. Let me know your thought’s on this story I would be interested to know.

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