Pinterest Spotlight On Internet Billboards Pinners Beware

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Pinterest is fun and highly addictive, I know first hand because I can easily spend an hour looking and licking my lips at all

Red Pinterest logo

Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the eye candy. This is why I have created this page. A Pinterest spotlight on Internet Billboards. I will be hand picking and adding the Pinterest selections myself so get ready for some serious fun, and let’s play with Pinterest.  If you have a great Pin let me know about it in the comments below. Congratulations if you happened to be picked and let’s get this Pinterest party started with…

Tina Brandon – for her pick,

for Bali, Indonesia @ The Edge – they have a resident chef, dine where ever you like!

Source: via Tina on Pinterest


Kaleo Li for Joker Scream

Source: via Kaleo on Pinterest

Chico Tóxico for Batwoman Portrait by *Protokitty

Source: via Chico on Pinterest

Shaneisa Davis – Love This Picture


Belén Briones

Madonna is back. New album and more concerts.

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  • Tom Treanor

    I like the joker scream. Thanks for the collection!

    • Tom George

      Hey Tom,

      Isn’t that Joker Scream cool, thanks for taking the time to stop by and check it out. I appreciate it and am glad you like the collection. I think I will be doing a random Pinterest post with a collection once a week or so for now so be sure to stop back again.

  • Karla Campos

    I like the Catwoman image : )

    • Tom George

      Yeah the catwoman is really cool, it might actually be the batwoman, but really cool

  • Tom George

    I want to go to Phuket, Tialand. I have some friends that are funny with the pronunciation of the place. LOL check out 7 content marketing Lessons from Napoleon Hill, good resource that Content Marketing Institute.

  • The Curvy Goddess

    I love the Bali image. I want to be there right this very moment!

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