Mar 19, 2012

97 Ideas for Building a Valuable Platform

The social media world changes daily. We are bombarded on all sides with interesting information, useful as also totally unnecessary. For this reason, I think the words of Chris Brogan are true, he say, things will change in 2012. For this reason we should be heading in the right direction and in the right dynamics if we wants to be successful on social media in the future. [note mg]


2012 is the year where social media oversaturation hits hard. We will scale back on our participation in social networks, and we will most certainly scale back who we choose to follow as sources. This won’t be because someone is bad or good. It will be based on whether the connection with that person adds value to the stream of information we’re cultivating or not.


In determining how to deliver value and stay relevant and visible in this new landscape, I’ve written down 97 ideas to help you build a valuable platform. Note: some of this thinking comes from writing a new book with Julien Smith that isn’t out until Fall 2012. Want some up front hints? Read this post…


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