Aug 12, 2011

Curation platforms vs Search engines

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This is an interesting comparison  and I think it’s a good start……. search and curation continue to evolve and there’s lots more to this story, stay tuned………..   Intro:

Curation platforms vs Search engines Nowadays, search engines like Google are essential tools for every Internet work. But are they the best place to search anything? We believe that a manual…

Search engines present a list of content, ranked by a relative relevance between the results. Curation platforms like Bundlr present themed groups of content, usually ranked by popularity, but always highlighting the author of the selection.

Search engines work better when:   We’re looking for definite answers The source long term authority matters The quantity of results is important.

Curation platforms work better when:   Events are recent or on-going (and traditional sources are slow to catch up) There are multiple points of view Concrete example are prefered to definitions.
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