Aug 1, 2011

40 Top Technology Sites Are Tech Sites Covering The Same Things

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The Internet is primarily driven by technology. It should be no big surprise then that technology sites are among some of the most popular visited websites. If your like me, you have a few of your own personal favorite tech sites, the ones you visit often, perhaps subscribe to. I have my favorites, however every now and then I will venture out to see what other technology sites might have to offer.

Lately I am starting to notice a disturbing trend however, not just with tech sites, but with many of the top sites, and worse with many of the up and coming sites. Maybe it’s just me. It seems to me that many of these sites are reporting on all the same stories.

It’s the same story with a different headline. In a world on the brink of  information overload is this really what we need?

Do you have a favorite technology site that you like to visit? Here is a list of 40 of the top technology sites . We will call this a little tech experiment and see if there is any truth what so ever in this statement.

Pick a couple different technology sites from the list and read the headlines. Are many of the stories the same? If so perhaps we need to look at this with a fresh pair of eyes.

This is why I decided to curate…

Top 40 best technology websites 2011

March 29, 2011

With no further adieu, we present our 2011 list of the best technology Websites, listed in alphabetical order so that no one can think that we’re playing favorites or making comparative judgments. 🙂

AllThingsDigital – The Wall Street Journal’s tech blog hub continues to provide us with hard-hitting, far-reaching news, opinion and commentary on the tech industry.

Anand Tech – If you’re looking for hardcore analysis of news about hardware, this is the site for you. The site covers CPUs, motherboards, mobile and more.

Android-Apps – Created shortly after Google launched the Android platform, this Android-centric site provides daily news about the Android platform and reviews of Android apps, as well as a growing depot of new and old Android Apps that mirrors the Android Market.

Apple Insider – The site not only gives you Apple-centric news and reviews but also price and buying guides for all Apple-related machines and accessories.

Ars Technica – This site caters to computer enthusiasts and covers a wide array of technology, science and gaming news. It is one of the sites most-linked-to by tech blogs and news sites.

Bits – This venerable online newspaper’s technology content is not often outdone due to itsh its timely and will-written tech news; it is still considered by some as the premiere source of informed tech news.

Boy Genius Report – The Boy Genius blog continues to provide us with breaking news, info leaks, and other insider reports on new gadget releases before they become official through the mainstream media. – This site is the one which we consider to be Engadget’s counterpart in the business-oriented world of tech reporting. It’s stable of reliable news and rumor sources still deliver breaking news and exclusives reported in a professional, business-like style of writing.

Computer World – The site is one of the tech industry’s oldest and leading source of technology news and information for IT influencers. It is still one of the leading source for breaking news, industry analysis and opinions.

CrunchGear – Techcrunch’s gadget blog continues to give Engadget close competition in terms of breaking news about cell phones, gaming hardware, software, computers and other tech-related topics.

Digital Trends – This site has become an indispensable resource for discovering the best of what technology can offer. It provides sneak peeks, one-of-a-kind reviews, editorials and news about trendsetting consumer technology products.

Digitimes – A great source of industry news from Asia’s technology hubs with most of them the US news media have not yet picked up on, with close ties to Asian component manufacturers.

Download Squad – For the latest news and reviews of downloadable Windows, Mac, Linux or mobile apps, this site continues to deliver, thanks to its diverse crew of tech writers.

To view the entire list use the image to view the original source.


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What do you think. Are many of the popular websites and not just in technology all reporting the same news?

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