Jul 24, 2011

Techno Songs by New Techno Artist The Third Temple

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If you’re like me and you’re a little tired of the same old shallow techno music, and want to try something more intelligent, then Third Temple might be the answer for you. Music which you can listen and concentrate on, or dance to, depending on your mood. In fact, you might even want to do both at the same time.

He’s released two albums so far, both which are available for online download. The first is entitled “The Cave” and the second is called “Sanctuary.” Both are very interesting specimens.

“Shushan” is a reference to an ancient city where great prophetic visions and also life-threatening dramas took place, and it also produces one very great track which can make you sway all parts of your body. Shows the penchant for Third Temple to combine history and entertainment seamlessly.

Third Temple is in truly electronic and computerized territory with another song, “Machine Language.” This is the kind of music that I’m sure all robots out there will love and will dance to. I think it’s only a coincidence that human beings are able to appreciate it too. Third Temple would certainly know about this style, with his background in computer software programming. If programming language can be set to music, this would be it.

A more cultural and emotive techno song is offered in “Nine Days in Prague”, which I take it is inspired by an actual vacation to the old city. Prague has experienced everything you can think of, from old religious wars to the horrors of World Wars I and II. It’s this loneliness that the song I think somehow is able to tap, but midway it shows hope and sparkling neon lights, a gateway into the future, before it relapses into its medieval loneliness.

His song “Viceroy” is one of the best from the Cave, a mixture of Eastern sounds that hark of India and far flung journeys to exotic lands. You can almost see the rainbow colors of the sounds in this song. It also displays the eclecticism of Third Temple.

I guess you’ll have to imagine dark and black mechanical birds for “Two Birds”, or Edgar Allan Poe and the raven constantly repeating “nevermore, nevermore…” It’s mechanical and industrial, which is perhaps a more full development of the themes introduced in his previous song, “Machine Language.” A little scary and engaging at the same time.

His song “Huggs” is so far his only ambient offering, but very tasteful. Not just a spur of the moment ambient track, but something thoughtful and well-crafted. It seems that Third Temple has the ability to delve into ambient territory while keeping his signature style, which is quite a feat.

Finally, his song “Sabbath with Devorah” shows Third Temple at his very best, utilizing different elements and fusing them into a very danceable track. Religious and mystical references also abound, and take us to a place where dance and rhythm moves from the dance club to somewhere more divine.

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