Jul 6, 2011

Christian Dream Interpretation

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In the church today there are a bunch of people who are chasing every type of spiritual phenomena that even remotely sounds like something Christian. Whether it is gold dust from the sky, Christian dream interpretation or the latest prosperity teacher teaching them how to get rich quick. It seems like nobody actually goes to their bible anymore to check out if there is a biblical mandate for such a thing.

I sometimes wonder if God sits up in heaven and shakes His head at his foolish people. Isn’t about time we got back to the basics of knowing Him, reading His word, and doing the simple things in life like feeding the poor, healing the sick, and especially, not charging for teaching the book! What happened to things like prayer, fasting, and studying to show yourself approved? What happened to serving, denying yourself and becoming a disciple?

All of us dream. Some dreams are about things we have gone through the previous day. Others are about things that are heavy on our minds and it is the sub-conscious working through the issues. Some of us have dreams due to late night meals like pizza! However there are times when God gives us a dream and we need to find out what He is trying to say.

I have always been a person that tries to find balance. I am not a fundamentalist, and not a liberal. I try to find the radical middle. And although I believe that God does communicate with His people, including in dreams, and I believe that God does have an abundant life for us, I just cannot believe that what is happening in the name of God is really coming from Him. It smacks of too much hype and not enough meat. It does not lead people to self denial and sacrificial living. Can you honestly see Jesus setting up a world wide ministry flying around in Leer Jets and taking money from those that do not have enough to begin with? I sure can’t!

There is a right way and a wrong way to go about Christian dream interpretation. Some people have fallen prey to charlatans who just give them what they want to hear. Others have been deceived by those practicing methods that come from the New Age movement.

In my blog Taber’s Truths, I have written a balanced and thoughtful approach to dream interpretation. You will find that I do not discount the importance of God speaking to you through dreams, yet give you real and biblical ideas to help you get the answer you seek without being scammed. I would encourage you to come and visit Taber’s Truths. It is an up and coming Christian blog that in 3 months time has already made the Technorati Top 100 religious blogs. In it you will find over 130 articles that will inspire and challenge you in your Christian faith.

Pastor Duke is the Author of the up and coming Top Christian Blog called Taber’s Truths. He has over 130 articles that will encourage you spiritually and emotionally. He has over 500 people that daily visit his blog just to read the latest article and use his writings as a source of strength for their daily lives. Read his article on Christian Dream Interpretation here.

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I am the pastor of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Pine Haven Wyoming and the Author of the Christian Blog Taber's Truths.
  • Hi Pastor Taber, thank you for sharing this deep insight with us. I look forward to more of your wisdom on spirituality and faith now and in the future.

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I am the pastor of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Pine Haven Wyoming and the Author of the Christian Blog Taber's Truths.

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