Jun 29, 2011

The Ultimate Holiday Destination: Goa

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Anjuna beach at Anjuna Market, North Goa, India

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The sunshine and the warmth of the Indian beaches is a relaxing and comforting experience. Away from the dirt and grit of our urban lifestyle, an exotic Indian sea locale is the perfect choice of tourist. Basking under the Goa sun, sipping coconut water is quite an experience in itself.

Goa is cool and fun for the youth. Goa has the best beaches and beach entertainment for sea lovers. The number of beaches in Goa are varied in terms of natural beauty. So it’s time to explore them. The Anjuna beach is the most popular of all the beaches in Goa. The beach has beautiful palm trees that are quite impressive in their heights. Anjuna beach is famous for its night parties, especially, those that are organized on a full moon night. The experience is awesome. There is a lot of music and dance on such beach party nights. Young guys and girls shake their legs to foot-tapping music. It is loads of fun and excitement. Those who are not interested in dancing take a laid back posture and enjoy the delicacies of the popular tropical fruits of the Anjuna Beach. Anjuna is not only impressive in terms of its beach, but it also has a market for the shopping freaks.

The next popular one is the Baga Beach. The Baga beach has a tranquil ambience. It is not as loud as Anjuna. Its specialty lies in its natural beauty of the setting sun. There is also a retreat house situated on top of a hill near Baga Beach. The retreat house is meant for relaxation and meditation. The other exciting activities a tourist can indulge in this beach are fishing and water sports. Baga Beach is also popular for its beach food. The food items of the beach cater to different themes meant for families, friends, couples and groups.

The Dona Paula Beach is equally important like Anjuna. The Dona Paula has a bit of mystical and mythical significance attached to it. Tourists who take interest in mythical elements are sure to be mesmerized by Dona Paula Beach. This beach has romantic sceneries and water sport activities to entertain the beach lovers. The beach attracts tourists because several stories or legends are associated with it. The most popular one is the story of Dona Paula de Menezes. It is believed that Dona was the daughter of the viceroy. She committed suicide by throwing herself off a nearby cliff when she was not allowed to marry a local fisherman called, Gasper Dias. This legend attracts a lot of tourists to the beach. Another story goes like this. Dona Paula was pushed off a cliff as a punishment for tempting the Count of Alvor, Francisco de Tavora.

The Dona Paula is located at the most magnificent site where the two most beautiful rivers of Goa meet the Arabian Sea. These rivers are Zuari and Mandovi. Water scooter and boat rides are available for the tourists who visit Dona Paula Beach.

If you miss out the beaches of Goa, then you ARE missing something. The violent, white waves are a spectacle to watch when they hit the sandy shores. The waves with its white foam bring to the tourists newer mysteries from the depths of the sea. Besides, the sea, the waves, Goa has also to offer sumptuous beach entertainment, fun and frolic and the mouth-watering sea food, that is hard to find in any other sea locales of India. Taking up an Indian vacation and not visiting Goa is a real miss. Hence, next time plan out a relaxed vacation at the exotic beaches of Goa.

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